Treatment of Class I Malocclusion

Treatment of Class 1 MalocclusionIn a Class I malocclusion, the jaws are correctly positioned, but the teeth may require treatment for problems such as: crowding, tipped teeth, rotated teeth, missing teeth, cross-bites or extra spacing. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to gum, bone and jaw joint problems. In this example, the upper teeth are crowded and rotated, and require Orthodontic treatment to position them correctly.




Treatment of Class 1 Malocclusion (2)Once Orthodontic treatment has been performed, the teeth are correctly positioned to help prevent destructive forces that can affect not only the teeth but the jaw joints as well. Also, straightened teeth are much easier to clean which can help to prevent gum and bone problems. Orthodontic treatment also can transform an unaesthetic smile to a natural beautiful smile, helping build self esteem and confidence.

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