Severe Periodontal Disease

Bacteria lives in our mouths and if not removed daily through proper brushing and flossing, can cause decay, gum disease and bone disease. Bacteria can also cause bad breath. Healthy gums are firm and pink in appearance, and do not bleed when brushing or flossing. The bone and ligaments around the roots of the teeth are strong, and the teeth are free from decay. Proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits can keep your mouth healthy, and give you a beautiful smile.




Plaque is a sticky substance that accumulates on the teeth, and contains bacteria which can not only cause dental decay, but is harmful to the gums and bone around the teeth. In Severe Periodontal Disease, the infectious process progresses around the roots of the teeth causing recession of the gums and further bone loss. The teeth become loose and may shift. This bone loss cannot be reversed. Individuals may also suffer from the bad breath as a result of the infectious process. Although periodontal disease is usually not painful, if untreated, moderate periodontal disease can easily advance and lead to tooth loss.

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