SealantsSealants are placed on teeth to help prevent dental decay. Teeth that have deep grooves are susceptible to decay because the bacteria that cause decay can hide in the grooves of the teeth and cannot be easily removed with brushing or flossing. Most commonly, sealants are placed on the biting surfaces of molar teeth. This picture shows a molar tooth in a Young child. The tooth has very deep grooves, and is at the back of the mouth, making it difficult to clean. It is a good candidate for a dental sealant.



Sealants 2A dental sealant has been placed on the biting surface of the molar tooth. A sealant is a plastic coating which fills the grooves of the tooth and is bonded into place. lt seals the tooth and helps to prevent decay. Sealants are recommended for molar teeth in young children and can also benefit teeth in some audits. Generally, sealants are placed once the tooth has erupted into the mouth. It is a simple and quick dental procedure which can help prevent the need for a filling.

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