Provisional (Temporary) Crowns

Provisional (Temporary) CrownsFabricating crowns on teeth generally requires two appointments – the first one to prepare the teeth and obtain the necessary records, and the second one to fit the final crowns. While the crowns are being made, temporary crowns are worn over the teeth. This lady is having crowns on her two front teeth to improve their shape and appearance. At the first appointment, the teeth are prepared, molds are made and a color for the final crowns is determined. At this appointment, temporary crowns are also made.







Provisional (Temporary) Crowns 2Temporary crowns are usually made from plastic and are cemented over the prepared teeth to protect the sensitive surfaces. They also are used to help determine the length, width, bite and overall shape of how the final crowns will be fabricated. In this example, these temporary crowns were used to determine how the original crooked teeth could be straightened. The cement that holds the temporary crowns is generally weaker cement, and as such, the temporary crowns may loosen. A quick visit to your dentist to re-cement the crowns may be required.

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