Consequences of Tooth Loss

Consequences of Tooth LossTeeth are important in maintaining your health and supporting your facial structures. Teeth help you to chew food properly, and keep you healthy. The teeth also help to keep the jaw bone in place, which helps to support the facial muscles. Without teeth, the bone would shrink and the skin would collapse, causing premature aging.




Consequences of Tooth Loss 2When a tooth is missing, it should be replaced to prevent major problems that occur over time to the surrounding teeth and tissues. Missing teeth can affect the ability to chew. Forces are transferred to the other teeth resulting in compromised support, increased wear and deterioration. Bite problems can also develop with the shifting of teeth and chewing forces.






Consequences of Tooth Loss 3When a tooth is missing, the tooth behind the space tips forward and the tooth above the space grow down. Crooked teeth cause bite problems and are more susceptible to gum disease. The bone shrinks where the tooth is missing and over time can result in facial collapse. Replacing missing teeth can help prevent many of these consequences, and provides many long term benefits with improved health.

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