Complete Upper Dentures

When all of the teeth are extracted in the upper jaw, the bones heal and are covered by gum tissue. A complete denture can be made to replace the missing teeth, which rest on the gums and are supported by the underlying bone. The complete denture is made from plastic and covers the roof of the mouth. Over a period of years, the amount of bone and the nature of gum tissue supporting the denture will    deteriorate. As the gum and bone changes, there may be a need for relining or remaking of the denture.


The teeth which are attached to the plastic base of the denture come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You and your dentist can choose the type of teeth that best suits your smile and appearance. Often a complete denture provides excellent esthetics in replacing missing teeth; however, the chewing function of natural teeth cannot be replaced by a denture. For some individuals, depending on the amount and type of supporting tissues, there may be movement of the denture, causing sore areas on the gums and in some cases affecting speech. Most people however, can successfully wear complete dentures.


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